July 17, 2017

A Lungs in Action milestone in the apple isle

Lungs in Action is a safe, enjoyable and low cost exercise maintenance program for people who have completed a pulmonary rehabilitation program. There are currently over 80 locations running nationally with about 1,400 people participating.

One of the longest running locations is the University of Tasmania’s (UTAS) exercise physiology clinics in Launceston with 2017 marking five years since the launch of these classes. The program was started by exercise physiologist Dr Andrew Williams in 2012 when the local Patient Support Group was seeking somewhere for their members to exercise.

Exercise physiologist Dr Sibella King now leads a team that supports almost 80 people living with a chronic lung condition to exercise in a safe, effective, and most importantly fun environment on a weekly basis. Sibella believes the success of the class is owed to a number of factors including the friendly atmosphere, the positive benefits perceived by the clients in their physical function, symptom control and quality of life. Other factors are the high supervisor to client ratio as the class runs out of a university clinic and the students are involved as well as the excellent relationship with the coordinators of the local hospital pulmonary rehabilitation which creates a steady referral pathway.

The program has several long-standing clients who have had notable increases in their functional capacity and quality of life. Most recently, one 54 year old lady with severe and debilitating asthma and other health conditions had significant clinical improvements in her exercise capacity and overall self-reported quality of life. She was over the moon with excitement at her improvements and shared her success with the class which was a wonderful boost to her self-esteem as everyone shared her happiness. This is testament to how this group regularly rallies together to support each other.

To celebrate the five year milestone, all classes during the week of the anniversary shared stories of their own journey and experience. We thank Sibella for taking the time out to share the UTAS Lungs in Action story and a big thanks to UTAS for their ongoing commitment to running Lungs in Action.
For more information about Lungs in Action visit www.lungsinaction.com.au or phone freecall 1800 654 301.