May 8, 2017

COPD Patient Advocate Group update: We want to hear from you

Ian Venamore, COPD Patient Advisory Group (CPAG) Chair

Lung Foundation Australia and the COPD Patient Advocate Group (CPAG) are always eager to hear feedback, questions and opinions from patients and carers in our COPD community about living with this condition. CPAG members are either patients or carers with an understanding of COPD’s daily challenges and we are here to listen and represent you. You may have a story of success to share with us, or have found a better way of managing your COPD. You could also submit your personal story for publication on the Lung Foundation Australia website to encourage others to become part of the COPD community. You can read some of the current COPD patient stories on our website at stories/. Please contact the Information and Support Centre on 1800 654 301 if you wish to get in touch or need any help with writing your story.

On a sad note, the world-wide COPD community lost a visionary champion following the passing of John Walsh in early March. John founded the Alpha-1 and COPD Global Foundation and worked tirelessly for the common goals of recognition, diagnosis and treatment of COPD. He will be sorely missed. You can read more at A-Community-Remembers-John-W-Walsh.aspx.

Yours in lung health, Ian Venamore