July 17, 2017

First Lung Cancer Connect webinar focuses on the needs of patients newly diagnosed with lung cancer

Lung Foundation Australia’s free webinar series, Lung Cancer Connect, provides patients, carers, family and friends, as well as interested health professionals, with information, advice and support about living with lung cancer.

Participants are able to watch the webinar live and ask questions from the comfort of their home. Our first webinar, Looking at the Needs of Patients Newly Diagnosed with Lung Cancer, which was held in mid-May, discussed the medical process for a patient newly diagnosed with lung cancer and gave information on the support available to patients and their families. Almost 50 people registered to view the webinar live and registrants were able to ask questions of the panel as the webinar progressed. To view the first webinar and sign up for the next one visit http://lungfoundation.typeandpixel.com.au/lung-cancer-connect.

The Lung Cancer Connect project is a Cancer Australia Supporting people with cancer Grant initiative, funded by the Australian Government.