Corporate Support

We invite organisations to work with us to develop programs that meet your corporate social responsibility and our vision to fight lung disease and ensure lung health is a priority for all in Australia.

Workplace giving

Your organisation or employees can donate in the most tax-efficient way, directly through your salary, by giving a set amount to the Lung Foundation each week, fortnight or month.

Skill-based Volunteering

This is when the company seeks opportunities which result in a transfer of their employees’ skills and knowledge.

Support an event

A great way to motivate staff, provide team-building opportunities and demonstrate to clients your commitment to Lung Foundation Australia is to support, organise or participate in a corporate event.

Simply complete the Fundraising Guidelines and Registration form below. Our Marketing, PR and Fundraising team will email you an ‘authority to fundraise’ letter and you can start fundraising.

Corporate partnerships

Help in several ways, from sponsoring specific events or programs, joining fundraising activities, volunteering or distributing information and much more.

For more information about corporate partnerships and sponsorship options, please email our Fundraising Manager, Mary Bishop, on 02 9222 6204 or

We have many loyal partners and sponsors who work with us to ensure lung health is a priority for all Australians.  You too could be part of this prestigious group, see here.