Lung Foundation Australia 2015 Pulmonary Rehabilitation Survey

Pulmonary rehabilitation is a highly effective evidence-based intervention for people with chronic respiratory disease.  Pulmonary rehabilitation programs have been shown to help people breathe easier, improve their quality of life and stay out of hospital.

In 2015 Lung Foundation Australia undertook a survey with all of the Pulmonary Rehabilitation programs that were listed on our database.  This totalled 274 programs across all states and territories.  The purpose of this national survey was to gather baseline data on the programs including session outcome measures used, delivery mode and referral pathways. The survey was administered over the phone and via online survey by our Information and Support Centre staff.  The intention is to repeat yearly, with surveys developed for both new and existing programs. To gain access to complete report, please follow link

Lung Foundation would like to thank all programs that took the time to respond to our questions. We would welcome any feedback that would assist us to refine our approach and make continual improvements. Please direct any enquiries or feedback to or call 1800 654 301

2015_PR Survey_ LFA Report_FINAL (1 MB)

COPD – Health Report – Healthy Breathing 2006

Despite being the highest-risk group for chronic lung disease, people who smoke on a daily basis are less likely than the rest of the population to consider themselves at risk of developing Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD).


COPD Case Statements 2001 and 2002

COPD - Case Statement (196 KB) COPD - Economic Case Statement (212 KB)

COPD is Australia’s most burdensome respiratory disease. It is associated with ageing so its burden will only escalate as our population ages.


Cough Guidelines

‘The Australian Cough Guidelines is a clinical guideline for the assessment of persistent cough in children and adults and was developed to assist GP’s with a treatment program based on accurate diagnosis and understanding of the causes of cough,’ said Professor Peter Gibson, Chairman of the Cough in Children and Adults: Diagnosis and Assessment (CICADA) consultative group facilitated by the Lung Foundation.


Pulmonary Rehabilitation Survey Results 2007

Lung Foundation Australia carried out a survey of the approximately 160 pulmonary rehabilitation programs in 2007.


Respiratory Infectious Diseases

We are pleased to present to you the first edition of the Lung Foundation’s Case Statement on Respiratory Infectious Disease Burden in Australia.


Indigenous Respiratory Network Report 2010

This report has been prepared by the Statewide Respiratory Clinical Network and was funded via a grant from the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Branch of Queensland Health.  The report summarises lung health services for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in Queensland.

IRNA Report (4 MB)


Economic Impact of COPD and Cost Effective Solutions 2008

This important report, developed by Access Economics, summarises the most up-to-date prevalence data and estimates the economic and social burden that COPD has in Australia each year.