Respiratory Infectious Diseases

We are pleased to present to you the first edition of the Lung Foundation’s Case Statement on Respiratory Infectious Disease Burden in Australia.

RID Case Statement (2 MB)


RID Multi-disciplinary Group Members

This case statement was compiled by the RID multi-disciplinary group comprising of:

  • Associate Professor Tom Kotsimbos (Chair) – Specialist Respiratory and Transplant Physician
  • Dr David Armstrong – Respiratory & Sleep Paediatrician
  • Dr Nick Buckmaster – Respiratory & General Medicine
  • Dr Fred de Looze – General Practitioner
  • Dr David Hart – Respiratory Physician
  • Associate Professor Peter Holmes – Adult Respiratory Physician
  • Dr Anastasios Konstantinos – TB Control, Mycobacterial Disease Mgmt
  • Associate Professor Joe McCormack – Infectious Diseases Physician
  • Professor William Rawlinson – Virology, Infectious Diseases
  • Associate Professor Grant Waterer – Pulmonary, Infectious Diseases


About the RID Multi-disciplinary Group

The RID group was established in 1998 and assists the Lung Foundation to improve prevention, management and community awareness of respiratory infectious disease.

This Case Statement integrates relevant information across the breadth of respiratory medicine in Australia and makes an evidence based case for Respiratory Infectious Disease to be identified as a major Health Priority for Australia.

Both the Lung Foundation and Thoracic Society of Australia and New Zealand are committed to reducing the large burden of disease and impact of Respiratory Infectious Disease. It is a challenge that will require a collaborative effort from the community, research institutions, health professionals, government and other stakeholders. In order to influence health outcomes, the effort to combat Respiratory Infectious Disease will have to be sustained and it will likely be costly. However the costs of inaction, both individually and for the community, mandate this concerted approach.

The Lung Foundation Respiratory Infectious Disease initiatives warrant our serious attention. We strongly encourage you to support the Lung Foundation’s Respiratory Infectious Disease initiatives and commend to you this first edition of the Respiratory Infectious Disease Burden in Australia case statement.

Associate Professor Tom Kotsimbos
RID Chairman