Stepwise Management of Stable COPD

This resource is a one page, stepwise guide to pharmacological and non-pharmacological interventions according to level of severity of disease.

Stepwise Management of stable COPD (1 MB)

Summary of changes in the new version of Stepwise:

Stepwise Summary of Changes Aug 2017 FINAL (148 KB)

Inhaler device technique videos

Research shows that up to 90% of Australians with a respiratory condition are not using their inhaler devices correctly.

There are a number of different devices available and many patients will be using more than one device which can increase the risk of error. Using an inhaler device is a skill and to deliver the medicine to where it will work best each device needs to be used correctly.

Lung Foundation Australia has developed a series of inhaler device technique videos detailing step by step instructions on the correct technique. To view the videos click here. 

Inhaler device technique fact sheets

Lung Foundation Australia also has a series of fact sheets that reinforce correct inhaler device technique and provide practical information on cleaning and storing inhaler devices.

These fact sheets are a useful ‘day-to-day’ guide for patients and can be printed from the website. To view the fact sheets, click here. 



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