Breathe Easy, Walk Easy

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Breathe Easy, Walk Easy is a training program for rural and remote health care providers. This program provides participants with the skills and knowledge to set up and evaluate local pulmonary rehabilitation programs for their patients. Pulmonary rehabilitation is an evidence based program for patients with chronic lung disease. It is a multidisciplinary chronic lung disease program that has proven outcomes in increasing patient exercise capacity, quality of life and reducing health care utilisation.

Rural and Remote Health Professionals

Rural and Remote trainign package

All rural and remote health professionals who have patients with chronic lung disease are encouraged to attend this training. The Breathe Easy Walk Easy program has been designed to be delivered to a variety of health professionals, for example: doctors, nurses, Aboriginal health workers, community workers, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, exercise physiologists and all health staff involved in the care of patients with chronic lung disease.


Training is provided by expert professional trainers with extensive experience in pulmonary rehabilitation. Initial training is over two days and delivered in local areas to facilitate attendance by all staff. Training delivery is a mix of presentation, practical activities and group work.

The training covers all the elements of pulmonary rehabilitation; patient assessment, diagnosis, management and maintenance. The training also encourages networking and assists initial development of local program/s with the aid of participants’ experience and knowledge about local practice, the training information and Resource Kit. A Training Manual and Resource Kit is provided to all training participants.


Cost of training delivery is site specific.  Please contact the Lung Foundation 1800 654 301 or email for options for training in your area.