COPD Pharmacy Training and Support Program

Lung Foundation Australia recognises the important role of pharmacy in the community and across the primary care continuum. To support this role Lung Foundation Australia has developed a program to support pharmacists in their work with community and patients with lung disease.


Health Promotion Screening and Risk Assessment Disease State Management


COPD Pharmacy Online Training

Learn about the pharmacist’s role in working with patients with COPD, including:

  • Health promotion
  • Risk assessment and screening
  • Disease State Management
  • Planning a COPD Service

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What is involved in the training?

Modules include:

  • Introduction
  • About COPD
  • Physiology of the Respiratory System
  • Pathophysiology of COPD
  • Management of COPD
  • Role of the Pharmacist in COPD Management
  • Pharmacotherapy – Medicines
  • Pharmacotherapy – Inhaler Technique
  • COPD Screening in Community Pharmacy
  • Planning for a COPD Service

COPD Pharmacy Online – Short course

A shorter version of COPD Pharmacy Online is also available. Modules include:

  • Introduction
  • The role of the pharmacist and COPD
  • COPD medicines
  • Inhaler device technique
  • COPD case finding (risk assessment and screening) in community pharmacy

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Will I get continuing professional development credits?

Pharmacists may wish to self-assess whether this activity is suitable for recording as continuing professional development in their CPD record. Guidance on self-recording CPD activities can be found on the Pharmacy Board of Australia website.


Who developed the training?

The training was based on COPD Online, an interactive training program for primary care nurses and has been adapted for the pharmacy context. The training has been developed in consultation with peak pharmacy organisations, COPD clinical experts and pharmacists working in community pharmacy.

COPD Pharmacy Online - List of acknowledgements (38 KB)


What are participants saying about the training?

'The training was really interactive and kept me engaged. The interactivity helped me to remember more about my role in working with a person with COPD.'
Amy Page
Consultant Pharmacist

How was development of the training funded?

COPD Pharmacy Online was funded by the Australian Government Department of Health through a Rural Health Continuing Education Stream Two grant administered by the National Rural Health Alliance. Additional funding was sourced through sponsors of the COPD National Program.



I am already enrolled and want to access the training portal. How do I do this?

Click here to enter the training portal (Registered users only)

Health Promotion


Pharmacists can engage in a range of activities to raise awareness of lung health. Every November is Lung Health Awareness Month and the third Wednesday of November is World COPD Day. Register your event on our website and help to increase awareness of lung health by:

  • Putting up an in-pharmacy display
  • Distributing the Lung Health Checklist
  • Conducting a COPD case finding (risk assessment and screening) activity

A pack is available for in-pharmacy promotion including lung health checklists, posters and balloons. This pack and additional World COPD Collateral can be ordered when you register your event.

LFA Knock the Wind Poster - Pharmacy (322 KB) LFA Shelf wobblers (180 KB)


COPD case finding (risk assessment and screening)

Lung Foundation Australia has a number of resources that can support pharmacy in the implementation of a COPD Risk Assessment and Screening Service. Lung Foundation Australia has an entire page devoted to this activity. To find out more click here, COPD case finding in the Community.

On the COPD Screening Devices in the Community webpage you will be able to access:

  • Pharmacy case studies: Learn now pharmacies have implemented COPD case finding (risk assessment and screening) programs
  • Lung Foundation Australia position paper on targeted COPD case finding in community settings
  • COPD case finding results form for pharmacy
  • COPD case finding training video
  • Case finding algorithm
  • Instruction sheets for using Piko-6 and COPD 6
  • Instructions for using Guildcare COPD screening module
  • Order forms to purchase a Piko-6

Stories from the pharmacy community

Case Study: Horsham Amcal Pharmacy
Lyn Lockett Amacal Pharmacy photoLynn Lockett and her team at the Amcal Pharmacy in Horsham were part of a COPD pharmacy service trial in 2014 run by the Grampians Medicare Local and Lung Foundation Australia. The trial was so successful Lynn decided to continue the service for her customers. Read Lynn’s story for great tips on how to make a difference in your community with a COPD pharmacy service.

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Case Study: Capital Chemist Charnwood
Samantha Kourtis
Samantha Kourtis is a Managing Partner at Capital Chemist Charnwood in the Canberra suburb of Charnwood. Her pharmacy won the Quality Care Pharmacy Program (QCPP), Pharmacy of the Year award in 2014. The same year Samantha won the Telstra Business Women’s Award.

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Case Study: Advantage Pharmacy Group
Advantage Pharmacy Case Study 300pxOn 19 November, 2014 the Advantage Bairnsdale Pharmacy conducted a COPD screening for World COPD Day. In the lead up to this event the pharmacy accessed a range of resources and training through Lung Foundation Australia including promotional resources, a PiKo-6 (COPD screening device) and online training for staff. Read more.

Case Study: Practice Support Pharmacist Model
Joy Gailer Photo 180pxJoy Gailer was awarded the title of Joint Consultant Pharmacist of the Year 2015 at AACP’s ConPharm 2015. Joy is an independent consultant pharmacist to Chandler’s Hill General Practice in Adelaide. This is her take on an exciting new model of care.

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This video is used with permission of The Pharmacy Guild of Australia.


Disease Management

LF PH BI S6 patient with pharmacist

Pharmacists can be involved in helping patients to manage COPD by:

  • Review of medicines and provision of advice on optimal use of medicines including inhaler devices
  • Counselling and advice on smoking cessation
  • Supporting self-management through education about COPD
  • Recommending health services offered by other health professionals including pulmonary rehabilitation.

Co-morbidities will need to be considered in any discussion with patients and where necessary assistance sought from other relevant health professionals such as the GP.


Resources for patients:

Resources for health professionals:


To assist patients to self-manage pharmacists can recommend local services such as support groups and pulmonary rehabilitation programs. Lung Foundation Australia has a national listing of these services.

Click here to find a support group in your area

Click here to find a pulmonary rehabilitation program in your area

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