Smoking Cessation

Every year, about 19,000 Australians die from diseases caused by smoking and about one third of these deaths occur in middle age. Most people who smoke want to quit. Nearly 80 per cent of smokers make at least one attempt to quit and around half try to quit smoking each year. Quitting at any age has benefits, with the largest reduction in health risks in those who quit the earliest.

When you’re ready to quit 

Finding your own strategy for quitting is important as different methods suit different people.

Choose a quitting method you feel comfortable with that suits your lifestyle needs, that way you’ll feel more in control of your quitting attempt.

Going cold turkey works for some people, but you might like to consider talking with a health professional who can guide you on what works best when it comes to quitting. Research has shown that the most effective way to quit is to get some ongoing support from a health professional, such as a doctor, nurse or pharmacist, using a combination of counseling and medication.

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