February 5, 2018

New IPF Research Award

The cause of Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis (IPF) is unknown, little is known about the incidence or prevalence of this disease in Australia and there is not yet a cure. More research is needed to better understand this disease. In 2017, Lung Foundation Australia released a new research award in IPF thanks to the dedication of our supporter Bill Van Nierop who lives with this debilitating and progressive disease. Bill walked 697 kilometers over 15 days across New South Wales to raise money for IPF research and support. This is an enormous feat for anyone, let alone someone living with IPF. The Lung Foundation Australia Bill Van Nierop PhD Scholarship in IPF offers $15,000 per year over three years, a total funding of $45,000 to allocate to a PhD Scholarship. The PhD will fund a student looking into research questions associated with the questions of who, how and why.

Find out more at lungfoundation.com.au/open-research-awards/.