Inhaler device technique

Incorrect inhaler technique is heavily documented in COPD research literature, and is associated with worse clinical outcomes. Research shows that as many as 83% of people with COPD make one or more errors when using their inhaler device. Common errors include, improper device preparation, poor coordination during use, inadequate speed and/or depth of inspiration as well as absence of a post-inhalation breath hold. This highlights the importance of inhalation technique education.

Lung Foundation Australia has developed a series of inhaler device technique videos detailing step by step instructions on the correct technique.


Patient Handout - Accuhaler (343 KB)



Microsoft Word - Patient Handout - Autohaler - FINAL (1)

Patient Handout - Autohaler (316 KB)


Patient Handout - Breezhaler (337 KB)


Patient Handout - Ellipta (391 KB)


Patient Handout - Genuair (361 KB)


Patient Handout - HandiHaler (345 KB)


Patient Handout - Turbuhaler (337 KB)

 Puffer (pressurised Metered Dose Inhaler – pMDI))

Patient Handout - Puffer pMDI (456 KB)

Puffer (pressurised Metered Dose Inhaler – pMDI) and spacer+

Patient Handout - Puffer and spacer (406 KB)


Patient Handout - Puffer pMDI (452 KB)


Patient Handout - Respimat v2 (517 KB)