Quality of Life Checklist

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Lung Foundation Australia has developed this brief checklist to help you or your carer identify whether you might benefit from some extra help in managing your Lung Disease. Particularly if everyday tasks are becoming increasingly difficult, and you’re finding it harder to maintain some of your usual activities by yourself.

When you are diagnosed with a chronic or terminal lung disease there are many things to consider; not just your prescribed medicines and treatments. It is important to think about your energy and mood, your diet, and how you will manage everyday activities including the symptoms of your lung disease.

As your lung disease progresses so will your needs. At the time of your diagnosis or in the early stages of your lung disease your doctor or GP may recommend supportive services such as pulmonary rehabilitation to help maintain your lung health.  As your disease progresses and your needs increase your doctor may refer you to a palliative care specialist for a needs assessment.

The aim of supportive and palliative care is to help you achieve and maintain the best quality of life you can for as long as you can. It ensures your physical, practical, and emotional needs are catered for, and helps you to manage your symptoms so you can feel some control in your situation. Palliative and supportive care does not mean you are near the end of your life, in fact, most people receive supportive and palliative care services together with their treatments for several years.

If you would like to do the checklist in your own time, please download below.

Palliative and Supportive Care - Quality of Life Checklist


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