Better Living with Lung Cancer – A Patient Guide

Better Living With Lung Cancer Cover 150px
Lung Foundation Australia developed this booklet to help people diagnosed with lung cancer understand more about lung cancer, its diagnosis and treatment.
You will find information to explain what lung cancer is, its causes, the symptoms and the different types of lung cancer. While it has been developed for the person with Lung Cancer, families and carers will also find it useful, as will health professionals caring for those with Lung Cancer.

Better Living with Lung Cancer (2 MB)

Contents by Chapter

00. Cover and inside cover (186 KB) 01. Understanding Cancer and The Lungs (641 KB) 02. Understanding Lung Cancer (111 KB) 03. Diagnosing Lung Cancer (159 KB) 04. Multidisciplinary Care (105 KB) 05. Managing Lung Cancer Symptoms (103 KB) 06. Treatment Options (147 KB) 07. Lung Surgery - Preparation and Recovery (145 KB) 08. Treatment Side Effects and Management (139 KB) 09. Accessing New Treatments via Clinical Trials (105 KB) 10. Palliative and Supportive Care (95 KB) 12. Making Decisions about Treatment (106 KB) 13. Financial and Legal Considerations (151 KB) 14. Seeking Support (100 KB) 15. Life after Treatment (112 KB) 16. Information for Carers (104 KB) 17. Other Resources (34 KB) 18. About Lung Foundation Australia (72 KB) Better Living with Lung Cancer (2 MB)