Lung cancer care pathway

Lung Foundation Australia developed this resource to help people diagnosed with lung cancer understand more about lung cancer and the evidence-based clinical pathways you should expect throughout your lung cancer journey.

This guide outlines best practice and aims to empower patients and their families to be better informed about their disease, actively participate in your their cancer pathway, improve dialogue between you and your health professionals and most importantly improve outcomes.

Because every person is different, every lung cancer pathway will be different.

The infographic and website show you what to expect if you have been diagnosed with lung cancer. Every person’s individual lung cancer diagnosis and treatment pathway will differ, but these resources show the main aspects that you may encounter with your lung cancer care.

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The Lung Foundation’s goal is to reduce variation in care by promoting that lung cancer patients should be referred to a cancer centre or hospital which has a dedicated lung cancer multidisciplinary (MDT) team (which is made up of health professionals who specialise in lung cancer), or that has access to these services.

Cancer Australia states that lung cancer multidisciplinary teams across Australia provide the mechanism to improve patient care, improve outcomes and address variations in care.