Bronchiectasis is a common lung disease characterised by chronic infection in small airways that results in some parts of the lung becoming damaged, scarred and dilated, allowing infected mucus to build up in pockets.

Bronchiectasis is caused by chronic infection of the airways. This infection is generally thought to be from bacteria. The persistent airway infection and the immune response results in chronic inflammation. This inflammation damages the lung and results in the symptoms of bronchiectasis.

The main symptom is a chronic cough, producing mucus (sputum). Other important symptoms include sinusitis/nasal inflammation and fatigue. Less common symptoms include chest pain, shortness of breath and coughing up blood.

Find out more in our Bronchiectasis fact sheet –

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Bronchiectasis Toolbox

Bronchiectasis ToolboxThe Australian Physiotherapy Association with support from The Alfred Hospital, the Institute of Breathing and Sleep and Lung Foundation Australia have recently developed a new interactive educational website named Bronchiectasis Toolbox.

The toolbox is primarily for health care professionals but which can also be accessed by patients and their families to learn more about key topics including diagnosis, management, medications, airway clearance and lifestyle issues. The site also provides a number of valuable resources and other useful links.

Australian Bronchiectasis Registry

The Australian Bronchiectasis Registry is a non-commercial research project that has been initiated by a group of Australian Respiratory Specialist doctors together with Lung Foundation Australia.

The main aims of this registry are to identify and collect health information from patients with non-Cystic Fibrosis (non-CF) Bronchiectasis for doctors to research the causes and to improve treatments. Ultimately, we want to discover a cure or vaccination for this debilitating disease which affects both children and adults.

Recruitment is planned to commence in January 2016 starting with NSW centres and then in the each State and Territory as soon as the required research ethics approvals are received.

For more information about the Australian Bronchiectasis Registry click here, email or phone our freecall Information and Support Centre on 1800 654 301.