Support for you

This page aims to provide information about support for patients living a with a lung disease and their carers.

Patient Support Groups

Located in all States and Territories, Patient Support Groups meet regularly to provide a welcoming, informal environment for those with a lung condition, their families and/or carers. Group activities may include guest speakers, social activities, exercise programs and peer support.

Online forum: Breathing Space

Our Online Patient Forum, Breathing Space, is a place for patients, their carers, family and friends to talk to others living with lung disease. The online forum provides support to all patients and their carers, regardless of their location, age, health or mobility.

Your healthcare team

There are many people involved in caring for people living with lung disease. Members of the multidisciplinary team provide different services for patients.

Pulmonary rehabilitation locations

These programs are provided by health professionals and consist of exercise training and information sessions to assist patients to understand their lung condition and help improve their quality of life.