Research is key to creating a future where lung disease can be detected early, effective treatment options are available to everyone and cure is possible.

We know dedicated research funding into lung disease including lung cancers is grossly underfunded in Australia.  The Lung Foundation has supported research for 20 years and we will continue to fund, develop, facilitate, promote and advocate for research that will result in life-changing advances for people living with a lung disease.

Our 2017-2020 strategy has elevated our research focus to ensure research remains a key priority for the Foundation.

About our research

Research offers hope and undisputed benefits for improving outcomes for those living with a lung disease. We have a dedicated research strategy and are working to increase our investment into lung research and to advocate for other funders to make lung disease a priority.

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Awards and Grant Funding

Through our Research Awards Program, Lung Foundation Australia raises funds to support research into the cause, treatment and cure of all lung conditions.   Our program attracts partnerships, researchers and builds a commitment to lung disease research. Learn more about the research we support, our annual awardees and how to apply for a grant.

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Research Registries are programs that collect information and data on patients who have a specific lung disease. This information provides a rich dataset that is utilised by researchers to help them better understand the disease, management and potential treatment options.

Lung Foundation Australia has established two registries – IPF and Bronchiectasis.

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Investigator-led Trials Groups

Investigator-initiated or investigator-led research trials groups facilitate and conduct world-class multi-disciplinary research for disease understanding and management. Our trials groups support researchers who are interested in conducting their own research and acts as an incubator for collaboration with other experts within the same disease area.


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Research Partners

Lung Foundation Australia have developed partnerships with organisations who want to collaborate, increase research funding opportunities, and who have a commitment to research into lung disease. We are proud of our partnerships as together we are stronger.


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Find a clinical trial

Clinical trials are regulated research studies that try to find better ways to prevent, screen for, diagnose or treat a disease. Learn more about clinical trials and find programs in your area by searching our list


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How you can help

Research offers hope and undisputed benefits for improving outcomes for those living with a lung condition and is needed to find cures.  We want to be investing $5 million dollars by 2020 – your donation will help us reach this target and support more research into the various lung conditions.

“I don’t know what caused my Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis and there aren’t any answers for me. If, by supporting this research, I can help others find the answers I don’t have, it will be a great result. It is a personal thing for me to help others.”
David Wilson, IPF patient and donor

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