February 5, 2018

Your health care team and their role in supporting you

If you’ve ever been confused about the many different doctors, nurses and various other health professionals involved in your care it is not surprising. It is common for patients and carers to be confused about this. It is however important that you see a range of health professionals who are experts in their fields to ensure that you are receiving the best possible care. Everyone has different needs depending on their symptoms, condition and the severity of their disease.

Members of your health care team or multidisciplinary team may meet regularly in person to discuss your care. Knowing who is in your health care team and their individual roles is important because an essential part of being an effective self-manager is having a team you can work with. This includes a team with whom you feel confident talking about your treatments, needs and wishes.

You will come across members of your team in a number of different health care settings such as your General Practitioner (GP), nurse, pharmacist, physiotherapist, respiratory physician, medical oncologist and palliative care physicians. Lung Foundation Australia’s self-management series, Better Living with Your Lung Condition, features a video on your health care team and their roles in supporting you.

You can watch the video at: lungfoundation.com.au/YourHealthCareTeam.